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GOTSI Bible Institute


GOTSI philosophy is to provide a quality biblical education to individuals seeking to grow in the knowledge of God and to cultivate individuals in all areas of ministry with an emphasis on Pastoral Training, Discipleship, and Evangelism.


GOTSI offers degree programs from Associates to Doctorates (Th.D). Students can expect to receive an affordable tuition with the GOTSI guarantee of paying half of the student’s total tuition.    


GOTSI degree program is designed to equip the student for the works of ministry and to follow God’s instruction concerning the works of ministry. GOTSI is a non-governmental, private institution and our focus is to insure that all educational standards and procedures are objectively accomplished.

Our academic program is specifically designed to equip students who believe that the call of God is a burning fire in their heart and wish to further their ministerial goals and Christian education.

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GOTSI primary objective is the encouragement and maintenance of sound scholarship and the highest academic   achievement in the areas of private education. Quality education is the goal at all times.


Our purpose is the preparation of quality education in a private institution environment. It is a non-governmental body and makes no claim to be connected with the government. 

Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of a Degree in Biblical Studies

What are the benefits of a degree?

A degree in Biblical Studies involves gaining a deeper understanding of God's character and will for His people. Christians, should always be in pursuit of His glory.


A Biblical Studies degree can lead you down one of two pathways - the purely academic pathway or the theological pathway (which is our main focus here at GOTSI) that leads to a career in ministry.  

Reinvent Yourself


GOTSI helps you grow academically and spiritually through serious study of God’s Word and biblically integrated curriculum.



We offer online and in-class courses. Our online coursework is just as rigorously academic as the in-class.



We keep tuition costs affordable while delivering a Bible-centered education.



From anywhere in the world, take courses from our experienced instructors.

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Earn Your Degree From Anywhere in the World

Learning communities today are truly global. One thing that hasn’t changed is that students are juggling full-time jobs, family, church and community service.


Online education at GOTSI encompasses under graduate, masters and doctoral degrees.  Classes are taught from a biblical view at an accredited institution. Students can have class schedules that fit their life, while still having access to the school's incredible resources.

GOTSI Degree Programs
Designed To Meet Your Individual Goals

Are you looking for a degree program that will enhance your ministry and help you fulfill your calling?

  • GOTSI Is Here To Support You.

  • We’ll Help You Design A Degree Program Plan That Meets Your Individual Needs.

  • If You’re Seeking Entry Level Ministry Training, We Offer A Two Year Course Of Study.

  • We Offer A Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program.

  • If You’re Looking For Advanced Training, We Offer Graduate Degrees In Theological Studies.

  • We’re Here To Help You.

GOTSI Offers Both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
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